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Originally Posted by Carl Lassiter View Post
Good post, with good first hand reports and some good points. Like you, I'm a convert from the 5/6 to the 3/4. Luxury and performance are musts, but too much weight and the latter is lost, from a feel point of view at least.

Only one issue with your post and that is that the F80/2 will almost definitely beat the f10 M5's time around the 'Ring. Off the top of my head, the M3 has always been faster than the M5 of the same generation. Now, as regards neutering the power so the M5s remain faster on the freeway- yes, that they will have to make sure of. But I still know where my money's going inside two years....
They have made good upgrades in the F30 in terms of lux, and Im sure the M3 will take it to the next level, and the M4GC will be very customizable, similar to the 6er GC. I would have loved a leather dash again and full leather option, its the little things like that which made the M6 so special and my only disappointments in the 3er thus far as you sort of get used to how nice they are to live with day to day...but thats just nit picking of course, the sportness of the 3er and the spaciousness makes it a really competent 4 door sports saloon.

On the ring times, I wasnt sure if they held the M3 back in the past when compared to the M5 so that it was faster on the 'ring, so its good to know that even in the past its been the front runner (though Im sure the M5 guys will protests!). Its going to be fun to see how this plays out, and certainly I'll be looking for either the M3 or M4GC to be my next foray back in the world of M.
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