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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
swamp2 you keep bringing up Turbo lag.....can you define what this means to you?
What it means to me? I think it means the same thing to most enthusiasts.

Turbo lag is the delay in engine and vehicle response due to low engine torque. The engine is only making a fraction of its potential torque/power at a given rpm and throttle because the turbo takes some time to gain rpm to one where there is significant flow and pressure being produced. Thus the engine response and vehicle response lags the throttle response. This happens whenever the throttle is moved significantly and rapidly from low rpm. It affects raw vehicle performance and requires certain techniques to avoid or drive around its effects on the track. Perhaps equally important it negatively affects the feel of the vehicle; its immediacy and direct connection to the driver via his right foot.

Traditionally, all M vehicles have enjoyed not only good throttle response but excellent throttle response.

Some (more non-enthusiasts) in my opinion, claim that recent BMW efforts with their twin turbo in the 335i have eliminated turbo lag. Although they have done a good job it is still very present.
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