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Originally Posted by swamp2

Certainly these are the rules by which companies are run. My point is not that this is bad and I have stated that. It can however, lead to compromises that are not necessarily in the best interest of the educated/enthusiast consumer. This point of view simply allows us to better understand the sources for BMW decisions. Folks like to talk (and romanticize) about tradition, engineering, motorsport, etc. when in fact things are the way they are based primarily on the bean counters. It's not sexy, but it is fact. As I also pointed out in prior posts things are different at other companies. Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, GM and Ford are all continuing to to build supercharged and normally aspirated sports cars. Those cars are developing more specific power, more absolute power and doing so at increasing redlines. They are even delivering improved fuel efficiency. Although I agree one should not make too direct of a comparison between Ferrari and BMW, the S65 is practically straight out of Maranello and that is why it is such a special engine. It represents the pinnacle of BMWs prior M engine concepts of relatively low displacement, high specific and high absolute power primarily through high redline. The last key component of M engines has been fantastic throttle response. This great trend has now halted and will almost for sure be reversing to some degree. As already discussed BWM M is abandoning tradition. I certainly agree 100% that it is an unanswered question as to what extent a lower redline and potential turbo lag will detract from the engine and the car.

Some of these other companies are making decisions less by the bean counter and more from a marketing/tradition/engineering/enthusiasts perspective. Sure they will be cutting costs as well, but they just are not as obsessed with cost as BMW.

Also, even though I just said it a few posts ago, I'll say it again, I strongly believe that IF the cars has no noticeable turbo lag, it will be a hell of an engine, a hell of a car and almost for sure a class leader as it always had been.

One beauty of engineering, a distinctly human endeavor, is that there is often so many alternate solutions for a problem which is not specified so strictly and precisely to only allow a single correct solution. Let's hope BMW M has a beautiful and elegant solution to the problem stated (mandated) by the bean counters!
I think the problem is that BMW is betting the up and coming generation of buyers actually care about the environment. We don't really. At my school there are maybe 3 or 4 people that give even a slight damn about CO2 emissions. I could seriously go on for hours about the reasons i think why BMW is letting the efficient dynamics program take its balls, but in truth no one but the Quandts and the Board know. But at least they have said that the Naturally Aspirate car is not dead yet, so maybe there is hope in the distant future.