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Originally Posted by bimmerjph View Post
I think the problem is that BMW is betting the up and coming generation of buyers actually care about the environment. We don't really. At my school there are maybe 3 or 4 people that give even a slight damn about CO2 emissions. I could seriously go on for hours about the reasons i think why BMW is letting the efficient dynamics program take its balls, but in truth no one but the Quandts and the Board know. But at least they have said that the Naturally Aspirate car is not dead yet, so maybe there is hope in the distant future.
BMW is from a European country, all of which have signed up for the Kyoto agreement. That means reducing emissions.
Would be a stupid business model to ignore over 50% of their market. In fact BMW are actually increasing market share in Europe because they are the leaders in CO2 reduction.
Manufacturers in Europe also have to reduce their average CO2 emissions below set targets, otherwise recieve fines. The M3 is not exempt.