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Originally Posted by Carl L View Post
Totally agreed, M4 sounds stupid.

The styling looks good and the weight reduction is welcome but i am losing interest in this car. Offering the same hp is ridiculous, myself and the majority (this board is a small and avid % of drivers) of M3 buyers don't spend 80grand to have to invalidate a warranty through aftermarket tuners to make the car move like it should.

The M3 is about more than just hp, but this still seems like a curious decision at this price point. An newer M3 down 140hp from an M5- can't remember that before. (american E36 doesn't count)

A fresh 2013 nat asp E92 is looking like an increasing possibility for me. It never feels down on torque due to flat band and gearing, plus impeccable reliability, heat management on track, no lag and great sound

Jason- any word on whether this engine will have a unique displacement like being bored to 3.2? Basically, something that justifies the cost compared to the E46 and E92.
Remember all the imbeciles that thought the S65 was wayyyyyyy too weak to compete? Right around 2007, the same idiots were saying that the car "needs" at least 450 to compete against the C63 and RS4 (which all had more power AND torque than the M3).

Then the M3 started dominating all comparison tests.

May I also mention that:
1) The new V8TT "only" has 53hp more than old V10 but weighs significantly more. Anyone seen how the V8TT annihalates the V10? Let's not underestimate what 100 ft-lbs more torque and a couple of 100 lbs less weight can do.
2) How ridiculously underrated BMW turboed engines are from factory.

My point is, we should be applauding that they are using the E46 M3 as the weight benchmark, and hope to god that there are no heat and HFPF issues.
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