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Originally Posted by Jblack4083 View Post
There's a lot of cooling components, suspension, limited slip differential, carbon fiber roof, seats with bigger bolsters, and a lot more stuff that you would need to make a 335 match an m3.

Unless of course you want a go fast machine to beat soccer moms with from stop lights...
Oh I 100% agree. The question you need to answer is if it's worth adding $60,000 more to an '07 335i which weighs as future M3 and tuned will have almost same power output.

Difference between E46 330i and E46 M3 was staggering in terms of everything. E90 a bit less difference and now F30 vs F80...ehhh.

At some point you find an optimal "price/smile per mile" ratio. For us non-millioners, $60k extra to go from '07 335i simply isn't worth the jump. That money will buy certified 997. Just sayin'...