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Originally Posted by Luis Lahoz View Post
Guys, no excuses like (technology required nowadays for new cars may increase wheigh - look at PORSCHE new cars... lighter AND powerful... engineers should work like it at BMW...
The 911 base car is much smaller. It's not built on a family sedan. Also it is much more expensive so they can use fancier and more exotic materials. Realistically 400+hp is enough for this car but I am going to guess it will have around the 450 we originally thought of. As for weight this car is going to not be 3400lbs. I would hope so but I just don't see that happening. Maybe 3500lbs but that will be on the very low end of my guess.

Here are some random numbers and guesses I am pulling out my ass. I do think these are reasonable though

450 hp
380 lb ft
7500 rpm red line from a turbo 3.2l I6
3550 lbs
Active diff like on the M5/6
65k base in the US and fully loaded a bit over 80k (no ceramics if this car even is offered it)