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Originally Posted by techwhiz View Post
Too little.
With n54 engines able to produce numbers in that range without a lot of work, this does not seem compelling. We are talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 65-70 large for one that isn't even maxed out with options.

Sorry, but the M5 got a real HP and torque bump.
This isn't anything to write home about. Not impressed......
Have you seen the power curve on the N54? They aren't just going to chip it for christsakes...

You all know BMW. This car will be engineered, balanced, tested and likely, superb. They told you it will have similar power to the old one but 100 MORE LB-FT of torque while weighing somewhere (reasonably) between 100-200lb+ LESS. This will be a fast car. As far as handling? Let's just remember that the E46 M3 did the same on the skidpad as the current 328i. I feel like I'm not the only one who is not concerned about holding his breath.