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Originally Posted by Carl L
No offense, but the US spec E36 was a huge disappointment to me. Sure, M-cars are about more than their engine but drive the proper 316bhp Evo version as I did when living in Europe and let me know which car is more fun. If I only wanted handling I'd drive a Lotus. Handling allied to power and practicality are what make an M-car.

I am on the list for the F82 but, coming from an E92 and expecting to pay 80k, I certainly want more horsepower. I'm a track guy, so power for power's sake does not interest me, but at this price point they should at least provide a meagre 30-40hp bump if only so I don't have to read shrill taunts from the 335i guys.

LOL! I'll give you that point about shutting up the 335 guys! As for the E36 though, I agree that it was a disappointment when it came out with the 3.0 and 240hp, but they rectified it by adding the 3.2, upping torque and power (in the Euro spec).
As for the US spec model, you're right, but I believe its more a matter of the US laws constraining the E36, as opposed to the M division slacking off (as evidenced by the Euro spec cars).