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Originally Posted by CanAutM3
Same power...

That is really dissapointing . More torque if produced at lower RPMs does not translate in better acceleration. As was often debated on this forum, power to weight is the better indication of the acceleration capabilites of a drivetrain.

Less weight is a very good thing. But shedding 200-300lb won't be enough to keep the M3 competitive IMO, as it will only improve power to weight by a mere 5.5%. This is the equivalent of increasing power on the E9X by 23hp...

Maybe BMW will surprise us by underrating the F80/F82 as they have with all other recent engines. If 420 quoted translates in 450ish actual, then I'm happy .

BTW, that render does look good .
335's were beating m3s in a straight line while making the same or less horsepower. They all accelerated much faster due to the torque difference.
This new m3 will be much faster, 100ft pounds of torque makes a huge difference. And we all know this car is going to be underrated just like any turbocharged bmw.