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Cool BMW M4 Coupe (F82) Back on the Track [Video and Pics]

BMW M4 Coupe (F82) Back on the Track [Video and Pics]

We haven't spotted the F82 M4 Coupe at the Nurburgring since July, when the F82 was spied for the very first time in public testing. Well, it's now back at the Ring during an onslaught of BMW prototype testing in the past week, including the F80 M3, F82 M4, F36 4 Series Gran Coupe, F15 X5 M, 3 Series GT, and the M6 Gran Coupe.

Below are the most recent photos and a video of the F82 M4 in testing at the Nurburgring, as well as a recap of what's known and speculated about the next gen M3/M4 thus far.


To recap, here is an updated list of what we know about the F80/F82 so far:
  • Lighter than current M3
    • targeting E46 M3 weight (source)
  • More powerful than current M3
    • approximately same HP, but around 100 lb-ft more torque (in range of 395 lb-ft) (source)
  • Faster than current M3 (source)
  • More efficient than current M3 (source)
  • Powered by an inline 6 cylinder multi-turbo engine (source, source)
  • Offered with optional or standard manual transmission
  • Electric Power Steering (completely reworked for precision for M3/M4)
  • Tires (from prototype) - Michelin Pilot Super Sport: 255/35/19 (front), 275/35/19 (rear)
  • Front styling to feature elements from the M6 and 1M coupe, with Air Curtain technology (our render)
  • Hood to feature power/vent bump
  • M3 Introduced late 2013 - early 2014 (concept debuts earlier)
  • M4 Introduced no earlier than late 2014


Both the front and rear fenders on the M4 coupe are significantly flared and stretched compared to the F32 4 Series prototypes we have spotted. The rear flare is easy to spot, while the front is less conspicuous. But, one can easily see in some photos a the gap in the front fender camouflage which clearly shows the front fender as much wider than the rest of the side body. The stretched fenders will accommodate a wider track for the M4 (vs the regular 4 Series).

Although not visible in these photos, you can expect the F82 M4 coupe to receive the same (or very similar) hood lip/bulge that we've spotted on the F80 M3 sedan.

Underneath the completely covered front fascia will be a sleeker version of the F30 3 Series front end, with sportier lights and grilles (which have now been revealed on the F32 4 Series prototypes). There will of course be M styled front bumper as well. The mirrors are from the F30 3 Series and for testing purposes only. The final production mirrors will be sportier, but may not be revealed until even after the concept debuts (like the F10 M5).

Carbon Fiber Roof / Brakes

This particular mule does not appear to feature a carbon fiber roof, but we're fairly sure that the production M4 Coupe will utilize a carbon fiber roof. Its brakes resemble the new 3 Series' M Sport brakes, paired with steel cross drilled rotors.

BMW M4 Coupe (F82)

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