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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
I think if they can reduce weight by 300 lbs that is great news. The power only effects one part of the equation. However, weight effects multiple areas. Less weight translates into better handling, braking, and acceleration.

Also, I am pretty sure after market tuners will be able to find ways to tune that inline 6 turbo to well over 420 hp/400 lb-ft mark.

My main concern is the electric steering crap......I hope and pray that they are able to give new M3 a great steering feel with plenty of pure feedback so it does not feel artificial.
I agree re weight, but the VAST percentage of M3 owners will not tune their cars. I'm certainly not dropping 80k and having some aftermarket tuner fiddle with car and invalidate the warranty.

The 991 electric steering is very feelsome, I have little doubt M-division will do a decent job with the feedback.