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to wait or not to wait..

I guess I'm not the only one with this question..

but basically I'm back in the states after a year in europe and before I left I sold my 2010 dinan m3. Now I guess it's time to pick up something new..
I could go with a gtr or a 991 or a c63 coupe but.. I guess I REALLY miss my m3..

***so the big question is..

1) lease the last e92 m3 for a couple years until the m4 comes out.. (leaning towards this)

2) go with one of the other cars I just listed and not look back..

3) just keep the e92.. (the new m4 may look incredibly nice but so far it sounds like an oversized lawnmower.. with those turbos)

4) just wait until the m4 comes out (not sure if i can even wait that long)..

I would love to hear some input from you guys.. so far I can't justify my own decision..