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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Excellent post. 100% agree. I was actually thinking of adding the exact same comment during one of these all too often hp vs. torque debate. It is absolutely amazing how many car guys completely misunderstand the differences.
Did you see my post above?

Check out the dynographs in the link and you can see how lots of torque can deliver small horsepower numbers, or rather, do little amounts of work. There are software/fuel injector/pump/turbo upgrades (aftermarket and OEM) available for small, and medium sized diesel engines. Many of these upgrades aren't aimed at increasing the peak torque numbers too much (they sometimes do increase a little bit but are controlled by the computer to a max number), but are aimed at making more torque higher in the RPM range. By not increasing peak torque numbers greatly, you are not increasing the BMEP's or IMEP's that the engine components are subjected to beyond design specs. Because of the multiplication effect that RPM's have on torque's ability to produce horsepower, holding that same peak torque higher into the RPM range allows lots more horsepower to be delivered without stressing the engine too greatly.

Torque is force, and force can't achieve any work unless there is movement measured over a time. This is what everyone needs to understand. Even when an engine is "torquey" the acceleration it achieves totally dependant upon the amount of horsepower that the torque develops at a specific RPM.
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