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Originally Posted by MWM View Post
N54 owners who bolt on a single 62mm hairdryer are going to slapping the new M3 silly. Where are all the fanboys now who said the E9x had plenty of torque?
You must recognize how silly this comparison is...

1. Stock to modded, always a lame comparison.
2. More apples to apples might be a software only modded F82 M4 vs. software only modded N54 3er. The M will destroy it.
3. Another comparison might be on the track vs. a drag race. The cars are more designed for the former.
4. Crank torque is meaningless. Power is what dictates acceleration at any speed in any gear.
5. The E9X M3 puts more torque to the wheels than many modified N54 3ers and this beats them in races. That is because it makes more power. Sure extensively modded N54s can out drag an E9X M3, no big surprise there.