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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I wish it were that easy. I think I have had 3 software updates but 2 had anything to do with DCT. On 2 of those three visits the uploads failed after many hours of sitting during the 1st upload attempt. Thus on those two visits I was out my car (with some crappy loaner) for about 48 hours.

Overall I have been happy with my first model year 08 M3 as well. I generally prefer to have a new model earlier when there is more novelty and excitement. With most cars you have a pretty nice warranty which will take care of the vast majority of issues, small or large.
Yikes. That's a fair bit longer than hour for sure. But other than the timescale I'm right that it was only software updates right? If so, that's pretty darn good for an all new high perf vehicle. As you say, it's more inconvenience than anything else. The only thing I'd go crazy about would be something that left me stranded, my friend with an 06 M5 had the red cog of death.

As usual, thanks for the informative, and firsthand, post.