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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
I so disagree w/ this sentiment, but I have held back commenting until I read your post for, IMO, you have come at this from a very different angle from the typical M3 aficionado.
First, we are the customers, who have been committed buyers of the marque. Accordingly the marque owes us respect as regards the heritage.
Second, the first M3 was a 2-door. And so it should remain. A 911 is a 911 is a 911. Porsche knows better than to screw up a classic's heritage.
When Porsche added the 4-dr P-car at least they added it under a different model.
Third, if anything, BMW AG should have given the 1st 4-dr M3 a different moniker (M2?), and kept M3 for the 2-dr.

It's a totally egregious marketing exercise that the 'bean counters' & marketing gurus came up with as a product line-up:

M3 to RS4
M4 to RS5
M5 to RS6

and use a similar pricing model, ie squeeze some incremental margins from the punters who won't give a sh&t about the M3 to M4 change and the inherent flouting of a proud heritage. Respect? Riiiiiiggghht .. wish the M4 product profile had asked some of their customers.
In sum: I guess my next car's a 911 (been buying Bimmers since 80s).
DITTO on all counts..