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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
Just sold my M3 and unless an amazing 993tt or a 997 c4s or tt comes across, I am going to wait for the new M4. I really don't understand people ordering 2013 M3s. The new one is just around the corner........just be patient
We all know that the new Fxx M's will be more powerful than the current E9x M's. There is something about the current M3's that I like. The NA V8 engine is on the top of my list why I like it. Maybe the classic nature of being (maybe) the last NA M3. Down the line, if I want it to have more power, SC or Turbo will be an option. But I doubt if I will do that.

I am looking forward next year for another ED of my E92 M3. But this time I will get an MT.