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Originally Posted by M Pulse View Post
Anyone think that BMW will surprise us with a slightly detuned version of the turbo-V8 found in the F10 M5 for the upcoming F82? The reason I ask is that M3ís immediate competition is still producing V8ís (RS5, C63, IS-F, CTS-V).

As an example here is how I compare Audi vs BMW:
Audi A4 = BMW 328i/320i
Audi A4 S-Line = BMW 328i Sport Line
Audi S4/S5 = BMW 335is or M335i or 335i with M Sport Package or whatever they end-up calling it
Audi RS5 = BMW M3

Since the RS5 is a turbo V8 do you think BMW will stick a turbo V8 in the F82 M4? Do you think itís possible that the M3 Sedan will come with a turbo V6 to compete with the S4 and the M4 will come with a turbo V8 to compete against the RS5?

I for one would love to see the next gen M3 with a turbo V8 instead of V6. Audi has decided to go with a turbo V8 in the RS5, S6, S7 & S8 so why canít BMW share a slightly different turbo V8 across M3, M5 & M6? I donít think that just because the M5/M6 already come with turbo V8's that the next gen M3 has to drop down to a turbo V6.

What do you guys think?
RS5 is not a turbo v8 dude... do a research first. it's a High reving V8 like M3 has now.
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