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Originally Posted by PGT View Post
Audi is putting the 4.0T in the new S6 and S8.

edit - just read Audi's specs on the S8; 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and "top track speed" of 130mph. LOL. So, as soon as you pass through the 1/4 mile, you'll hit the governor. That's got to be a misprint.
It's a common governed speed, as it's the approved vMax for H rated tires, which many German sedans are fitted with for comfort, S-Class included. Plus it lets them upcharge for a "performance" package that bumps the governor to 155, the gentlemen's agreement for Autobahn speed limits (250kph).

Many non-sport package BMW's are governed to 130 too. It is odd that an Audi S is governed that low, but I bet it's due to the US tire choice.