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Originally Posted by M Pulse View Post
Sorry, typo. But my point is that the RS5 is still a V8, along with other competitors. So either BMW is leading the pack in this segment by switching to a turbo V6 or they're going to miss the boat.

I guess time will tell... if sales for the next-gen M3 don't live up to expectations and Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Caddy all continue to have success against the M3 then I wonder if BMW will bring the V8 back?
Inline 6....Inline 6..........NOT a V6

I think you are missing the point of the M3. The C63 for example has had more power than an M3 since it came out a number of years ago (4 years?) 6.2 litre engine vs a 4litre. C63 is such a tail happy car, not fast round a track, too much power.
Unless the new M3/4 goes xDrive it doesn't need a Turbo V8 pushing out 500+ hp. A well sorted inline 6 Turbo will be fine