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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Although I only have a little wheel time behind the C63 AMG it received quite good press coverage for its very good handling. Its problem is not too much power nor being particularly prone to oversteer. It is just heavy and perhaps a bit under tired. It is generally within 1-2 seconds per minute around a variety of tracks compared to the M3. In most cases that is more of a drivers race than a race among the cars themselves. So yes the M3 is generally faster on a track with less power but more importantly it has a better power to weight. And just like in a straight line, power to weight is the single best simple (one number) predictor of lap times.

Have a look here for some lap time comparisons.
No you are right about the C63 CAN NEVER have too much power.

The C63 is nose heavy and tail light, which makes it understeer on turn in, and wildy oversteer under power. With a good driver behind the wheel, the C63 can hustle.

Put an average driver on track in a C63 and an M3 and you will get better times on M3. The M3's balance and idiot proof handling is much better than the C63. The M3 inspires confidence.

C63 is a hoot to drive, shares in a tyre company help, and the raw V8 soundtrack is soooo much better than M3 (IMO of course)