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I just hope the new M3/M4 is more involving. I think the problem I had with my 2011 was that it was uninvolving and uninspiring. I thought the car was great, but it was almost too easy to drive on the track. And as wonderufl as DCT is (and believe me, it is incredible), it was so boring I thought I was driving my wife's 335. Those are totally personal opinions though. Here are the facts. Mine was way too heavy. In the corners the M suspension does a great job of trying to hide it, but you just can't cheat the laws of phsyics. The torque was non existant, but I knew that going into it.
What I'm hoping for with the next one is that BMW does what they say they are planning and aim for the weight of the E46 M3. Hell, better yet, go after the E36. The inline 6 doesn't bother me in the least, that's BMW's heritage. Forced induction isn't one of my favorite things, but it's the way of the future apparently so I'll just live with it. And I'm really hoping BMW is watching Porsche and brings us a 7-speed manual so we don't lose a gear if we pick the manual over DCT. Oh, one more thing, please don't call the car an M4 BMW. That is just an insult to those of use who have owned M3's over the years. Anyway, my .02.