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Originally Posted by Carl L View Post
While I see where you're coming from, I think that 50 lbs saving for the F30 is a triumph for a few reasons off the top of my head:

1. New car is bigger
2. New car is stiffer
3. New car is safer
4. It's the first time in generations the new gen 3/5/7series has been lighter than the one it replaced.

300 lbs would be even better, but this 50lb saving shows that BMW have finally got serious about the weight issue and, with CF-tech and pricing moving along, in 6 or 7 years the savings could well be up in the 3-400lb range.

Maybe the F80/2 will do a little better than 50lbs too, we will have to wait on that.
First of all, I am not at all sure the F series is actually lighter than the one it replaces. Automobile magazine or some other rag put a new 335 on the scales and it came to about the same as the old one.

And no it's not a triumph because the F30 drives worse than the E90.

To me, for a performance automobile weighing in at around 3600-3700 lbs, 50 lbs is absolutely nothing worth bragging about. If on the other hand BMW came out with a 3200 lbs special, I would not only tip my hat off, I'd probably buy it.

You are right, it's too early to pass judgement, I'm simply saying the early signs are not positive for a guy like me.

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