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Predicting F80 M3 2014 performance using new M6 2013

I just watch a review on the new M6 on M6post. Thanks to the turbos, it has 552 hp and a combined fuel economy of 28 mpg. There are some great things about it, but they said it wasn't as much fun to drive as past M cars. It shares the same engine with the new M5 and I'm guessing the new M3 should have a similar feel to both of them. This worries me a little because I would rather BMW produce M cars that are fun to drive.

Is anyone extremely concerned about this? It doesn't seem like too many of you are anxiously awaiting the new M3 setup.

And btw...Do any of you like M5's or M6's more than M3's? I've never been in a M5 or M6, but the M3 seems like it would be more fun to drive.

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