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Someone gets it. BMW is changing their entire market strategy for the future. If I'm correct, there will be the 1&2 series, the 3&4, 5&6, plus the 7. Even numbered cars will be coupes/gran coupes, odd numbered cars will be sedans/hatchbacks/wagons/GTs (which means the M3 coupe actually is going to be called an M4). What I think BMW's plan is, is to stratify the different series's to appeal to different people on different levels.
1&2 series are going to be like the 3 series initially was: small, light, nimble, agile, the entry level car to the BMW brand, but also the most hardcore driver-oriented car. The M2 will be a lot like the E30/E36 M3 and the 1M, amazing at handling and some of the best driver's cars ever made.
The 5&6 will be the most luxury and status oriented in the BMW lineup (other than the 7 obviously) and will concern themselves more with comfort and whatnot as opposed to feel and agility. I mean look at the F10 5er. The sound deadening is so good that you can barely hear the engine, even in the 560hp M5. Its a luxury car and it will sell more as a luxury item because that's normally what most people will buy a 5 series for anyways.
As for 3&4, I believe will be a comfortable medium between the hardcore driver's car (1&2) and the soft, cushy status symbols (5&6).

Personally think (if I'm right that this is BMWs plan) that it is GENIUS. Everyone gets what they want.