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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
At this point, we are talking about a release schedule that is still too far off for there to be any firmly nailed down dates.

However, we may be able to use the recent M5 launch and subsequent ED deliveries as a rough guide for now. Recall that the first M5 hit the US in late August:

While the ED's started September 1st with this US Spec M5 "European Release Party":

So there was very little delay as far as the first US vs. European deliveries.

Given that the M3 is expected to hit the US by late spring 2014, I think you are more than likely safe to book Octoberfest 2014 ED trip plans now. Of course, you may nevertheless want to hold off a bit longer if there is no particular rush.
Thank you that sounds promising. The major obstacle for me is convincing the wife to delay a year. For her it's less about the car and more about the Euro trip.

I also need to find someone that not only specializes in ED but can secure a delivery slot for a car that I assume will be in high demand.