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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
As I ponder the new M3 and M4 the disappointing thing for me is that if interested in the M4 (specifically a 2 door coupe) I will very likely be paying more for a car that will cost less and be nearly identical otherwise.

More "clever" BMW Marketing here with the M4. The car may offer some exterior colors, interior trim or other options the M3 won't have. Other than that and the door count of course the cars will be identical. The extra doors in the M3 will probably mean it will actually cost more to manufacture than the M4. Last but not least I also expect a few dozen lines of code in the ECU to be different in the M4 (more boost) which will provide more power (of course at very near to $0 of cost for BMW). Perhaps the M3 will come in with just a bit more power than the E92 (as rumored here on the forum) than the outgoing M3, say 430-ish whereas the M4 will be bumped up in the 450-ish range.

Thus those who want a coupe are going to have to pay quite a bit more (I'd guess $7k minimally), will get a less expensive car to produce with a bit more power.

I find this scenario/prospect very displeasing. Am I right here, totally off base??
Nope, great post bud. I hope you're right about the 2-door M having a slight power tweak over the sedan, will soften the price increase blow for the likes of me who keep their engines stock.