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Not sure what goes on back in BMW, but they don't seem to have a philosophy when it comes to certain attributes in their cars. They have been fiddling with steering feel/response pretty much with every new chassis. Don't they like find a much loved setting and stick to it till the end of time instead of messing around with a new setting each and every time? The MK1 E46 got soft and they remedied the fault in the LCI. They seem to be doing this an awful lot. Why are they taking away steering feel and feedback from their cars? Becos dumb ass soccer mums or grannies get nervous with a feel-some steering? Get your priorities right for goodness sake!!! I cannot fathom why anybody would hate a good steering feel from a base 1 series to their flag ship 7 series?? If it ain't broken, please don't fix it. Now can we have the CSL steering feel back (if not the E30) in the next M3, thank you...
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