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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
Actually Dave is closer to what the actually specs will be. Jason has shared multiple times here that the Hp will be 'about the same' as the current M3(414hp) while the Tq will see a +100lb increase bringing it closer to 400. The weight will be lighter but how much is the million dollar question. BMW could make it a mere 150-200lbs lighter and be able to advertise the new M3 as "lighter, faster and more powerful", even though the Hp will be the same.

And you guys already hailing the M2 as the new king, think again. It will be a great entry level M car but I doubt it will even fill the big shoes of the 1M. We already know it will be a 4cylinder which will come up short to the extremely underrated N54t found in the 1M. The weight of the 1M which was already closer to the E46 will be hard to achieve in the M4 as well.
Well, It has been shared that hp will be about 450 aswell. Of course torque is getting higher.. The m4 will get a bump in power, this is what they say in europe. They wanna sell these cars and more power is selling. I think Steve has his sources aswell.