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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
Why is everyone assuming that this is wrong?
I think primarily because of this account from the scene:

"Human error seems to be the cause as the witness described the seemingly confused test driver first grab the wrong fuel pump handle (blue is for ethanol, green is for regular gasoline in Sweden) and then initially look for the fuel door on the wrong side of the car. The driver may also have mistaken the blue pump handle for regular gasoline because 98 octane gas in Germany (where we assume he's from) is marked by a blue handle."

So, whether or not he meant to select E85 fuel, he was at any rate not altogether sure of himself at the time he made this fuel stop. It could easily have been a mistake.

Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
Wouldn't potentially running on E85 (at least as a map flex/fuel), be completely in-line with BMW's focus on improving emissions? Seems that at least exploring the use of E85 is within the realm of plausability.
Emissions may be better (I don't know, honestly), but efficiency is generally worse.

So any decrease in emmisions on a per unit of fuel basis may be negated by the fact that you will probably need more fuel to cover the equivalent distance.

I am sure BMW has explored E85, and probably has ongoing tests involving the alternative fuel. But I have my doubts that the F80 M3 is part of this research.
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