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Originally Posted by mpower3330 View Post
Wraith, I was told ED won't be available for 6-12 months post the start of the first deliveries to the US. I feel like all the dealers are BS'ing everyone but just letting you know that's what I was told. My sales guy also mentioned that there most likely will not be a 7% discount for going the ED route.
ED not being available for 6-12 months post-launch would be unprecedented as far as I'm aware, so my money is on that being bogus. As for not getting the discount, that's entirely possible. The dealer gets to decide the sale price of the car, regardless of his/her invoice price, and selling an ED car at US MSRP would be the equivalent of the "market adjustments" that tend to accompany hot new cars. And in fact if ED F80s will come out of a dealer's allocation (ED cars normally don't and are instead considered bonus sales), not offering the ED discount would even be a (somewhat) understandable tactic, since in that case the dealer would be passing on an opportunity to sell an F80 in the US with a huge profit markup by using an allocation to sell you an ED car, and they'll of course want to recoup at least some of that loss through you. I believe the new M6 at least initially was set up so that ED sales came out of dealer allocations, but not the M5.

Of course if ED F80s do NOT come out of dealer allocations AND the dealer denies the discount anyway, that would be stupendously greedy.
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