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The end of four decades of ///M3 comes to this BMW is becoming a mirror of Audi. A few years back audi made their A3 and the auto makers began to fill model gaps that were very high spread in prices, low and behold they created the A4 line then S line emerging from sedan to A5 coupe, doesn't this seem just the same as what BMW is doing now? Separating the sedan from coupes on a higher more expensive lines such as the 4 coupe? I get the strict regulations set forth by EPA by 2024, are pushing automakers to FI, somehow feel we are on the short end of the stick and soon motorsport will be something we'll be reading in the history books, as we get watered down versions of what a true icon was traded off with tech and FI. This is ok at best in my books, what I dislike is moving to an all new platform, +/- the digits it's like Porsche making a 711 It always boils down to the EBIT.
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