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Originally Posted by Gjm127 View Post
I know this is kind of off-topic but wouldn't it have been more logical for BMW to remain with the V8 at least for the coupe? Heck, they're following Audi's steps in renaming their models, why not copy the engines too? Since the RS5 and C63 will remain V8s... BMW is trying to "fit" in and make it more of a competition, it would only be logical for them to compete with the same caliber engines...
I don't think they are trying to "fit" in.... they are innovating...

Let's suppose they give you the 3 cars but you can't look inside the hood, and the BMW is faster and handles better.

Would you pick any of the other 2 just cause they have a V8?
I think it's more of, BMW will even kick their butt with 2 cylinders less and saving fuel in the process with also a lighter car

That's my feeling