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As someone that has owned M3's in the past, I do get it.
The 4 and 6 series are coupes with a "Grand Coupe" version.
The 3 and 5 series are now strictly salon or 4 do cars.

There has been rumors for years about BMW moving the model designations to odd numbers being sedan and even numbers being coupes.

Whatever. I care about how the car performs.
My E30 M3 was probably the purest M3. It was light, hand built and drove like it was on rails. The E36 for America was not a real M, and yes I owned one. It wasn't a real M because only the suspension and brakes were different from the regular E36. The engine was too much like a 328i. The E46 went back to a really different car than the regular E46 and the E9x was an even greater departure.

I want to see what the overall car is like. My 335i is a better car than my E36 M3. It's just as good a car as an E46 M3. The E30 much like the E9x are in a league of their own. I say 335i is better than the E36 and ties the E46 because it delivers more power, brakes better and does it all with a broad power. You have to work to get an E36 M3 to perform because the engine has nothing down low. The E46 delivers more peak power than the 335i but if you look at the curves the 335i delivers more for longer.

Not trying to hijack the thread but I hope the new M3 and M4 are more unique like the E30 and E9x cars and less like the E36 M3 was to a 328i.

With all that being said.
I have a daughter due for college in 3.5 years so none of these are on my shopping list unless I win the lottery...