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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
Seems like half the posters are ready to write a check/deposit on the M4 based on looks alone. You guys need to pump the brakes a bit. Doesn't anyone care to see what BMW is going to do with the engine?
Most people are ready to write checks/deposits because they know what the engine will basically be. Most people already know it'll be a turbo charged straight 6, and they're happy with that. Many of us are still waiting on the specifics and what not. I won't be writing any checks until BMW tell us themselves that the car is lighter and more powerful than the previous M3.

Regardless of what they do with the engine, you can count on BMW to make it better than the previous gen's M3. Excluding opinions regarding the engine, obviously. Most people will say that the new M3/M4 will never sound as good as the V8 found in the E9X M3.

The renders are looking good though! But knowing the M4 won't be out until late 2014, and knowing that buying one won't be worth it until the second MY (probably 2015 or 2016, due to inevitable recalls and issues) puts me off pretty badly. I'm really ready to buy a GT-R right now and either buy the new M4 or the new R36 GTR that's supposed to be out around the same time.

I still have faith that this upcoming M3/M4 will be on wicked car, it's just the wait that's killing me, and I'm sure many others as well
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