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Originally Posted by OverDriven View Post
Rebadging the M4 to M3 after you buy one makes no sense. If you really care about the name that much then you're a BMW fan for the wrong reason. Personally, I'm a fan because of the cars, not the name.
I somewhat disagree. The M3 was the car that made MANY of today's BMW fans, BMW fans. It’s an historic centerpiece in the history of one of the greatest car companies in the world, even more so than the "M1" badge.

In our present times of questioning BMW's prime focus in performance automobile design, I think it is a welcomed move to attempt a personal, physiological preservation of the roots of the company’s Motorsport division.

If anything, it should be celebrated that BMW fans want to keep the name reference. It keeps the sauce authentic, whereas most people will go and buy and "M4" with no idea or care of what the car means to automotive history and the continuous progression of BMW as a company.
BMW don't screw up the M3. K