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Originally Posted by MB-SAB View Post
Maserati revealed yesterday the specifications of its new 3.0 V6 twin-turbocharged engine - developed by Ferrari in Maranello - that will be used in the new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte. It V6 unit generates 404hp at 5500rpm and 406lb-ft across an impressively broad 1500-5000rpm band. Looking at these numbers, I do not see much space for bigger numbers in the new M3 inline 6 turbocharged engine ...
That sounds like a nice engine, but by no means does it represent the highest practical specific output for a turbocharged six cylinder application. Just look at the latest iteration of the VR38DETT in the Nissan GTR making 545hp, for example. That is just over 143hp/L, which would mean 430hp in a theoretical 3.0L application.

The S65 has a higher specific output than the outgoing naturally aspirated Maserati V8. There's really no reason to doubt that the upcoming "S55" will continue this trend vs. the new V6. This all makes sense of course, when you consider that the M3/M4 are performance cars while the Quattroporte is an executive sedan.
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