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Originally Posted by shotman
Originally Posted by Antares View Post
The reality is in this case far less exciting.

The front and rear of the of the final car, from the license plate up, is exactly the same , i don't understand why people are saying that the reality is a diferent story, in fact, from what i see, the car is almost the same as the concept, except side mirrors , bumpers ( which are exageratted in the concept), and door handles (obviously, this is not an exotic car).

I will like it a lot, if you guys pay attention, the headlight and rear lights are exactly the same shape, the kidney grills are identical in shape, and i think led headlights will be optional.

Not to mention as a masked test car.
Car companies put a lot more than just some stickers on the car to hide it. Some even put fake wheels/bumpers/exhaust/even body panels to masked the car.

Some people worry too much IMO.
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