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Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
Is this new function advantageous to the driving experience? I understand that driver aids as this will promote a heightened driving experience to "less talented" drivers but what does it foundamentally mean as the future of what we can expect from sports cars and the standard of what driving is? Adding aids as these dilute the actual experience of becoming a better driver. Having to combine various physical and mental coordination to manipulate the vehicle to perform to the optimum performance is the actual exstasy of drving. This is what we have at least once experienced and repeat time and time again to repeat this pleasure. If these challenges are taken away and mearly given, then what is the point of driving at all??
I don't necessarily care if the auto rev match feature exists as long as it can be turned off. Perhaps those that can't heal-toe will like it. I haven't got my car yet, so haven't tried it myself, but doubt I will use it much. I've been heal-toe down shifting for so many years now, I do it without thinking about.

The way things are going, I'm just glad I can still get a car with a manual trans. I don't think that will be the case for much longer, so I will enjoy it while I can. Hopefully by the time I am forced into a PDK/DCT trans I will be ready for the change. So far, despite trying many times, I'm not there yet.