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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
Tried this feature on a 370Z and thought it was pretty cool. Surprised it took so long for other car makers to pick up on this.

But yes it should be defeatable....hopefully via a button by the gear knob so as not to be forced to go through idrive or use the M button to turn it off.
I too tried it on the 370Z and I think it's an excellent feature.
I've been driving manuals for decades, so rev matching is something any manual driver with some years of driving experience knows about.
Most MT drivers have varying degrees of how well they execute it, and more so, how often they actually employ it.

I don't rev match all the time as it's not necessary to do so all the time every time especially since the advent of synchro's many decades ago.
Realistically it's one of those things you need to learn how to do if you want to drive as smoothly as possible. But it comes from necessity because there was no other way to do it.

After trying the auto rev match in the 370Z I think it's fantastic as it will assist with rev matching every time, and do it more accurately and more consistently than most drivers, even experienced ones.
Does it take away some "skill"? Sure, ok, you can look at it that way.
Or, you can look at it like the addition of synchro's, which helped improve over all shifting, and removed the need for double clutching.
Heck, there are still some manual drivers who insist that double clutching is still a necessity and "skill".

I do agree it should be something that can be shut off.
I still think that ABS should be able to be disabled, especially for snow/winter driving, but I won't win that argument.