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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
Nice speculation ... and possible very near the truth, because it could be the reason for these conflicting rumors ... an I6-Turbo with 8.000rpm is simply nearly impossible.

BUT you forgot one important engine layout:

The 3.0ltr.V6 (HDZ)BiTurbo based on the 4.0ltr.V8 BiTurbo ... both engines are originally well provided for the M1-sucessor ... and are really Highend/Hightech-Engines.

Greats Uli_HH
I'm not sure there is a need for both the 3.0l V6 if the S65 is used. Also we do not know what BMW's supercar will be like. According to the lastest rumors by SCOTT, BMW doens't want an R8 rival, but rather a McLaren P1, Ferrari F70 rival, what would make it the same car as the Lexus LFA, but with worse sound, or like the 918 Spyder, which in BMW version is the i8. We don't know what is BMW's M range strategy, if if there are to be two or only one model, mid-front or mid-rear engine. For a mid-rear configuration an I6 would not make alot of sense, so a V6 would be better. But I doubt there will be two engines options for a stand alone M car.