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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
If BMW marketing's intent is to confuse people then they are doing an excellent job, I am confused.

The video shows a regular 4 series, but then under the hood is an M badged engine. (not sure if this is a bullshit badge like you find everywhere else or if its a real M engine )

Also BMW is being very cryptic about the drivetrain in the new M3 (now called M4) at this point I think they would be in a position to announce a little bit more

I just think the whole thing is lame..getting rid of the 3 series for a 4 series so they can up the price..and then ofcourse the predicted departure of the NA motor..and calling it an M4..

Count me among the traditionalists who cant stand what BMW is doing..just sealed it for me. I am keeping my e92 NA M3 for a long while to come.
BMW is following Audi marketing plan with their differentiation/development of the A5 from A4. They can charge more for the more design/aesthetic driven coupe versions.

BMW is not getting rid of the M3, they are rebadging all coupes and convertibles as 4 series, or M4's.

They also now can offer a 4 series, (M4), Gransport which is a design/aesthetic driven, less utilitarian 4 door "coupe", at an inflated price.