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Originally Posted by JAM3S View Post
M3 and M4 will disappoint. Doesnt really need to stand out anymore since BMW throws ///M badges on just about every model now. Every BMW is going to be an ///M car soon.
Not sure that I necessarily agree with you here. I agree that BMW is using the "M" badge quite fragrantly of late. That said they have a stellar reputation to uphold with the M3. The M3 has been a performance benchmark for generations, and I think they will continue with that tradition.

They are headed in a different direction, like most manufacturers, in all cars they make. The M3 may disappoint if you are narrow-minded and have little appreciation for change (not suggesting you are). I think the next M3 will be a phenomenal car that will continue to reign supreme against it's competition. Different...yes, disappointing? I highly doubt it.