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The only thing that gets me over the fact they are going away from NA to turbo is the fact I can afford and plan to keep my e92 m3 in pristine condition through the years of track and heavy road use. Will re-build hte motor someday if it comes to that and take very good care of it. But if you are able to keep the e92 and simply add the new f30 m3 to the lineup, I think it is an awesome combination. You can have two totally different driving experiences at your finger tips.

As long as I have one high revving screaming NA sports car at any given time, I am ok. 8700 RPMS in my e92 tuned m3 with high flow cats will provide an experience that is simply never going to be matched by these new M cars-but if you change your mindset and instead of trying to compare the new f30 as a replacement and think of it as more of an addition to the e92 than it makes a lot of sense and I look forward to it