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Originally Posted by ATS View Post
Even though I'm a big fan (and subscriber) of CAR Magazine, their renders are usually pretty off the mark.

As an example, below you will see their render of the Ferrari 458. I also added the real one below for comparison:

Originally Posted by dreamspeed View Post
So BMW loves M badging so much they are putting it in the kidney grill too?
The more M badges, the more M car you get.

Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
They had an M badge in front because they did not have it on the side. When first M3 E36 had it first time on the sides it did not have it in front. Now they are going to put them back, side and also front, because Audi has in front.
One day having a BMW without M badge will be condidered a "special edition".

Originally Posted by formula M View Post
lol... the M3 will not have cf roof, only M4, M2 & M6.
Not sure about M2, but it would really be nice, especially since the WRX STI and the GT86/BRZ (JDM) have CF roof.

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