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Another big issue that I'm noticing with all this new generation of BMWs, is how much they look like each other. After years of criticizing Audi for having all of their cars look the same, it seems to me that BMW has taken the same route.

I've mistaken an F30 with an F10 more than a couple of times (specially from the back), the F32 is going to be a reduced version of the 6 series, the upcoming 3GT looks like an F30 with an inflated ass, the new 7 series is just an enlarged version of the F10, the Gran Coupe is identical to the coupe equivalent but with 2 more doors, etc...

Every BMW before the Adrian van Hooydonk era was unmistakably a BMW, but they never looked like each other. I doubt anybody has ever mistaken an E36 with an E34, or an E46 with an E39.