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Originally Posted by kmarei
You could also be ruining an icon that's been 25 years in the making
You can always create a new icon
Buy why ruin what's probably the most noteworthy model in BMWs history?
The (M)arketing folk have gotten too powerful at BMW, and the real drivers/engineers are obviously taking a back seat
This is not an icon
This is a souped up 335, with a higher profit margin than the current generation
Plain and simple
Share as many parts as possible
And stick in the M badge, and charge more
This was tested with the 1m, and now it's coming to fruition in the M4

Oh and you can't really claim any originality, not when BMW is ripping off the idea of the 3/4 series from Audi, after the success (and higher prices charged for the A5)

I guarantee you the design team that made the E30 M3 were not thinking of profit margins, they were making the best possible car
THAT'S what made it an icon
I understand all points but I disagree about Audi comments.
BMW is the only notable manufacturer with number naming system going back to 70s.
BMW was the only to differentiate sedans and coupes numbers as well, 6 series and 7 series, originally from the New Six in the 60s

Audi numbering system only goes back to the 90s and of course they made numbers higher than BMW to make them look better lol; ex. A4 vs 3 series, A6 vs 5 series.

Sure, in compact segment, 3 series coupe was never called 4 series, unlike 6 series but its not hard to tell that the decision was due to the legendary E30 M3.
BMW is trying to take the next step and start a new legend and I absolutely think they are off to a spectacularly amazing start with this pure sex