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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Hey, I have nothing against the M4 badge. I really don't care. All I care about it how it drive and how it looks. And what you did is just right. I'm just sick of the badge moaning.

Your PS is just mind blowing. I really thought it was the M4, just thought it would be impossible when BMW hasn't even revealed the M3. It's the most realistic PS I 've ever seen.
yeah im sick of the M badge moaning too and how "Huge" the car looks. once its out people change their mind real quick. Bad cant live with cant kill em.

on that note, i figured making a render in a car show atmosphere usually gets peoples attention very fast as you can see in less than 2 days theres already 50,000 views, plus the 20,000 + facebook likes.

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
You should also include an M gearknob instead of the standard one. Small detail, but beautiful car overall. You have my sold.
i missed that too just too much work between all 3 renders it happens

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