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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90

Not sure that's correct. I think you're letting the marketing get to you just a little bit. I mean I could still be wrong, but with all the spy pics and information already out, the 4-Series isn't like the Audi A5 where it was seen as a new model for Audi. The 4-Series is nothing more than a 3-Series coupe with a different name. The only thing "different" will possibly be the options but other than that, it's going to be like the E92 and E90. Also, rumor has it that pricing is going to stay about the same as the E92 so I don't know how different it's going to be since BMW isn't really known for giving bang for buck. If you think the 4-Series is going to be this coupe that's going to look pretty, more luxurious, with power than the 3-Series to establish this new line for BMW, I think you're going to be disappointed.
I think 3 coupe was always different than 3 sedan.
They just didn't call it 4 series because of "3 series" and "M3" name.
Mercedes sedans and coupes look the same, similar to our 6 series coupe and gran coupe.
Starting with previous generation, E90 and E92 looked completely different and they wanted to change 3 coupe to 4, but held out.
And 3 coupes sold for about $5k more expensive than 3 sedans.
4 series will give it that "officially more luxurious, desirable, up marketed" look and I think they'll definitely be seen as different in the similar way we look at A4/A5